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FCM 2.2

Fractal Clip Maker
FCM is a Java application for creating fractal graphics and is easy to use. All generated images are stored in a list and are playable as a clip. Thanks to that flip-book concept FCM is easy to handle.
With the aid of an arbitrary external software you can generate an AVI or MPEG file too. Ideal to do that is the open source application MEncoder. FCM provides a built-in user interface for this program. Download it separately here. To use it just let FCM know the path to its binary file. Creating clips and all other things are described in detail in FCM's user manual of course.





Mandelbrot Sets:
Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Example 4 Example 11 Example 10
Example 8 Example 7 Example 9

Julia Sets:
Example 5 Example 6 Example 12
Example 13 Example 14 Example 15

Mandelbrot Movie:

Julia Movie:

Other Fractal Generators

There are some other free fractal generators available in the net which I like:
  • ChaosPro (
    Enormous functionality, most different fractal algorithms.
  • Fractalizer (
    Creates only Mandelbrot sets, but with the best image quality of all fractal generators known to me.
  • Fractint (
    The classic fractal generator, user interface needs getting used to nowadays because it is not graphical but text based.
  • XaoS (
    Different fractal algorithms, zooms into the images in real time!