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Camera RC 0.9.4

Camera Remote Control
via Notebook and WiFi
Notebook und
Camera RC is an application for remote controlling my Sony Alpha 7 II system camera from a notebook over WLAN with the WiFi protocol. You can download similar software from Sony's homepage: But the first one (PlayMemories Mobile) is running only on smartphones and not on PCs and the second one (Remote Camera Control) needs an USB cable connection and does not show a live view; mainly this last shortcoming caused me to develop the software.

The software is based on Sony's "Camera Remote API" available on some higher priced Sony camera models. May be the software is running with these models as well - but I could test it only with my Alpha 7 II. The current version is quite usable but far away from being perfect; you cannot list and transfer the images stored in the camera e. g.

The application is written in Java and has been successfully tested under Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. On the camera Sony's camera app Smart Remote Control must be running; see the manual for details.



In the the user interface's standard view you can adjust the most important settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO value) and trigger the camera:


Further settings are available in a separate window, and a special timer dialog allows the time controlled, automatic triggering of the camera in more detail than the self timer built-in into the camera:

Settings and timer

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