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Camera Remote Control
via Notebook and WiFi

Camera RC

Camera RC is an application for remote controlling Sony cameras from a notebook over WLAN with the WiFi protocol. You can download similar software from Sony's homepage: But the first one (PlayMemories Mobile) is running only on smartphones and not on PCs, and the second one (Imaging Edge) needs an USB cable connection. The USB program can show the live view in the meantime, but this was not possible at the time I developed the application. Mainly this last shortcoming caused me to develop the software.

The software is based on Sony's Camera Remote API available on some higher priced Sony camera models. May be the software is running with all of these cameras - but I could test it only with my Alpha 7 II and an HX60.

The program is written in Java and has been successfully tested under Windows, Linux and macOS. On the camera Sony's camera app Smart Remote Control must be running; see the manual for details.


  • Live View of the current camera picture.
  • Setting of shutter speed, aperture and ISO value and all parameters available in Sony's programming interface.
  • Setting the focus point for the camera's autofocus.
  • Rotation of the live view for pictures in portrait format etc.
  • Trigger the camera (still image and movie).
  • Self-timer.
  • Overlay of different grids.
  • Real time histogram.
  • Transfer the files from the camera to the notebook.
  • No installation necessary, unpacking the ZIP file is sufficient if the Java Runtime Environment is installed.
  • User interface in German and English, manual only in English yet.


In the the user interface's standard view you can adjust the most important settings (aperture, shutter speed, ISO value) and trigger the camera:


Further settings are available in a separate window, a special timer dialog allows the time controlled, automatic triggering of the camera in more detail than the self timer built-in into the camera, the histogram (in the live view in real time) can be used to estimate the exposure, and you can transfer files from the camera to your notebook's harddisk:

Kamera-Einstellungen und Timer


CameraRC_120_Setup.exe 2399 kB Camera RC for Sony Remote API cameras,
Java-Binary with Windows installer
1.2.0 Windows with
JRE 1.8.0 or newer
2923 kB Camera RC for Sony Remote API cameras,
Java-Binary without installer
1.2.0 JRE 1.8.0 or newer

Attention: To use Camera RC you need additionally the current Java Runtime Environment. Download it at (ca. 50 MB).

Change Log

20 January 2019, Version 1.2.0:
  • The user interface is available in German.
  • The "Look and Feel" can be changed.
  • These settings can be adjusted in a new Preferences dialog.
  • All dialogs have Help buttons to open the user manual at the appropriate location.
  • The camera can be triggered with the left mouse button now when the mouse pointer is over the Live View or the Last Taken Picture panel. This is useful with a wireless mouse: It can be used as a cheap remote control device in this way.
  • Even if the camera is triggered directly (i. e. not with the software but the camera's trigger button) the last taken picture can be shown in the Last Taken Picture area now.

15 December 2018, Version 1.1.0:
  • Grids in different sizes can be layed over the live view and the last taken picture.
  • A histogram can be shown.

30 October 2018, Version 1.0.0:
  • New dialog Transfer Files for copying and moving files from the camera to the PC is available. All basic functionality Sony's API provides is implemented now.
  • Tooltips for the control elements added.
  • Some minor bugfixes.
7 July 2018, Version 0.9.5:
  • Documentation updated: Successful test with a Sony HX60.
9 April 2017, Version 0.9.4:
  • New dialog Camera Settings is available; all camera parameters provided by Sony's API can be set now.
  • New dialog Camera Commands is available; it replaces the former Generic Methods split pane in the main window.
  • Shortcuts for all buttons available.
  • Event handling improved.
8 November 2016, Version 0.9.3:
  • The live view and the taken picture can be rotated (in steps of 90 degree). Useful if the camera is mounted in portrait format on a tripod.
  • The live view's and the displayed taken picture's colors can be inverted. Useful when copying negative slides.
  • Some shortcut keys are defined.
5 June 2016, Version 0.9.2:
  • "Touch AF" functionality added: You can set the point where the camera's autofocus is working on.
  • Reentrancy problems with the underlying JSON parser solved - making the application more stable.
27 April 2016, Version 0.9.1:
  • Timer dialog added.
15 April 2016, V.0.9.0:
  • First published release.

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