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On these pages you will find information on my current and my former software projects. The last ones date back a little, but I don't want them to be forgotten ...

At a former employer of mine I have been responsible for the driver software of the 3D input device SpaceController. It was fun to develop an add-on for the DCC software Blender to move the scene with the SpaceController; but newer Blender versions cannot use this old add-on due to some changes in the programming interface. My new port of the add-on makes the SpaceController working again with Blender.

The software Camera RC is used for remote controlling my system camera Sony Alpha 7 II via notebook and WiFi. It is written in Java and runs on all platforms with a not to old Java Runtime Environment.

The JSON-Parser is used to analyse and generate strings in the so called JSON format. The parser is part of the Camera RC project and can be used in a simpler way as other Java libraries for the same purpose.

Some years old is FCM. The Fractal Clip Maker is a little program for creation of fractal graphics. It is written in Java as well.

Almetare is a set of C++ classes with which all my old pocket calculators shall rise frome the dead in a Linux and a Windows version. Three of them are finished already and ready for download: The Texas Instruments TI-30, the Casio fx-85v and the Casio fx-3600P.

My favourite project is Der Diskutant. I worked on it in the nineties of the last century, the hardware has been the good, old Atari ST. Der Diskutant is a program for function- and measuring data analysis with huge functionality and very good usability. I selled it for about 200,- DM at  that time, now you can get it for free.
And perhaps there will be a native version for Linux and Windows in the future.

Its predecessor has been Kurdis, programmed for the legendary Sinclair ZX Spectrum. As far as I know it has been the only one of its kind on that platform and is of tremendous historical interest therefore. Hence in the service of science: gratis download on the poject's page.

Der Diskutant and Kurdis are not available in English. The links above are pointing to my German pages, sorry.

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