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SpaceController Add-on
for Blender

Blender Add-on

The SpaceController is a 3D input device, which provides the user with six degrees of freedom for movements: three for movement in space and three for rotations. Therefore it is ideally usable to move the scene or objects in CAD or DCC applications.

Blender is a free, open source and extreme powerful DCC application that can be controlled easily and very comfortably with the SpaceController.

Unfortunately the manufacturer of the SpaceController has ended its production in 2018, and the former add-on for Blender is not working with newer Blender versions. Being the author of the old add-on I think it is too bad to lose the SpaceController when using Blender. Therefore I ported the old add-on for use with the current Blender versions. It works now even with the Blender fork UPBGE, which adds the Blender Game Engine (BGE) again to Blender; the BGE has been removed from the official Blender releases from version 2.8 on, UPBGE closes this gap.

The add-on is basically a Python script for reading out the movement data from the SpaceController and transfering it to Blender. Furthermore it contains some configuration files which can be loaded by the SpaceController driver depending on the state Blender is in, and a detailed manual with installation instructions.


  • Intuitive movement of the scene, i. e. panning, rotation and zooming.
  • Rotation center can freely be chosen.
  • Intuitive movement of selected objects.
  • Automatic creation of keyframes in animations.
  • All Blender operators can be assigned to SpaceController keys.
  • In case several SpaceControllers are plugged in, each of them can move individual objects ("virtual puppet show").
  • Blender Game Engine is supported.
Have a look at the manual for details.


Size Description Version Platform 417 kB Add-on for Blender to connect the 3D input device SpaceController. 1.0.2 Blender 2.8 or newer

Change log

7 December 2021, Version 1.0.2:
  • For some reason the installer builder had forgotten the script.

1 November 2021, Version 1.0.1:
  • The SpaceController keys Front, Right and Top are working again.

27 December 2020, Version 1.0.0:
  • First published release.
    The add-on is a port of version 2.9.2 of the old SpaceControl add-on which is not working with Blender version 2.8 and later.

Links of Interest

  • SpaceController-Blender-Add-on (manual):
    The readme file of the SpaceController-Blender-Add-on.
  • Blender (
    Professional, free, open source Digital-Content-Creation-Programm.
  • UPBGE (
    Blender fork containing the Blender Game Engine.
  • SpaceControl GmbH (
    Former manufacturer of the 3D input device SpaceController. The driver is still available there.